Why do it?

Insulating your home is an investment. A fully insulated home is generally worth more and is definitely more desirable than a poorly insulated home.

In the last decade electricity costs have increased significantly. You can reduce the effect of future rises by choosing better insulation in your home today. A fully insulated house needs about half the heating of a poorly insulated house. In fact, paying a bit more for insulation now will save you money well into the future, as increased savings each year will eventually pay for the insulation that will continue saving you money, year after year after year.

Energy Efficiency

When your home is insulated with Lapolla Spray Foam you will immediately start enjoying a healthier, quieter and more energy efficient environment. Lapolla provides superb insulation and acts as a highly effective air seal, creating a draft free environment with long term energy and heating cost savings of up to 45%.

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