Heatseal Insulation

When your home is insulated with Lapolla Spray Foam you will immediately start enjoying a healthier, quieter and more energy efficient environment. Lapolla provides superb insulation and acts as a highly effective air seal, creating a draft free environment with long term energy and heating cost savings of up to 45%.

Heatseal Wall Protect

In the last decade energy costs have increased significantly. You can reduce the effect of future rises by choosing better insulation in your home today. A fully insulated house needs less heating of a poorly insulated house. In fact, paying a bit more for insulation now will save you money well into the future, as increased savings each year will eventually pay for the insulation that will continue saving you money

Customer Testimonials

Mrs A (Portsmouth) – 9/10

Very happy, no mess, very straight forward. House is warmer now I am even finding myself turning the heating off!

Install date March 2019

Mr J (Oldham) – 9/10

Great service, Very happy!

Install date Feb 2019

Mrs K (Sheffield) – 9/10

Workmen were great, tidy and very friendly. I have noticed the house is much warmer now.

Install date Sep 2019

Mr M From Swindon

Couldn’t recommend Heatseal Insulation highly enough, great workmanship, Over the moon

Mr C (Kidderminster) – 9/10

Warmer in the property and I am quite happy with everything.

Install date April 2019

Mr and Mrs W (Essex) – 10/10

Excellent job, Very clean, tidy really good job, A lot warmer in the house. The company were very polite and explained everything to me and my husband really well. We are very happy and also when we open the hatch to the loft now there is no cold draft at all.

Install date Oct 2018

Mr R (Stockport) – 9/10

Very satisfied, Men who did the work were very good, No trouble at all very professional manor.

I can feel the difference in the house it is so much warmer.

Install date Oct 2018

Mr and Mrs W (Manchester) – 10/10

Good job, Both very satisfied, Good workers and friendly. Much warmer in the house, Cannot fault the service or the company.

Install date April 2018

Mr C (Folkestone) – 9/10

Wonderful service, Very happy, Gentlemen were very tidy and I am very happy with everything that was done with the company.

Install date Nov 2018

Miss T (Ilford) – 9/10

They were very tidy and everything went smoothly from start to finish, They did exactly what they said they would do.

The installers were very tidy and professional, I am very happy with the service I received.

Install date June 2019

Mrs S From Guildford

Very pleasant, very efficient, very happy from start to finish

Mr M (Canterbury) – 8/10

The work was carried out quickly, very tidy, happy.

Install date Oct 2018

Mrs D (Runcorn) – 10/10

Very professional service, very tidy during and after finishing the work, Wonderful service and I am very happy

Install date Jan 2019

Mrs B (Dudley) – 10/10

House is warmer. We would recommend having this done to your property.

There is a noticeable difference in heating costs, Fantastic friendly service from start to finish.

Install date Dec 2018

Mrs D (Gillingham) – 10/10

Very pleased from the start of the process, Quick service, very polite, Very clean.

My bills have dropped each day I look at my smart meter and it’s great! I cannot recommend this company enough.

Install date July 2019

Mr B (Lancashire) – 9/10

Very pleased, Good workmanship, Very happy with the service.

Install date March 2019

Mrs K (Loughton) – 10/10

The Installation made the house warmer and we are happy as we are saving on our heating bills too.

We found the workmen to be very tidy and left everywhere spotless , We have already recommended to our friends and family

Install Date – June 2019

Mr W (Crewe) – 10/10

Very clean and tidy no mess, fantastic job, Bungalow is warmer I have even set my thermostat lower. We are both warmer and very happy.

Install date Feb 2019

Mr M and Mrs B (Walsall) – 10/10

Quick easy and very efficient service, we recommend using the company they were also tidy, Its much warmer in our home and it made a real difference to our energy bills.

Install date Aug 2019

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